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Kyoto Foreign Investment Promotion Committee (KIC)

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Japan External Trade Organization KYOTO ( JETRO KYOTO )
Address: RM308, 78, Kankoboko-cho, Shijo-dori, Muromachi-higashi-iru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8009,Japan
HP : https://www.jetro.go.jp/jetro/japan/kyoto/
TEL : 81-(0)75-341-1021 FAX : 81-(0)75-341-1023 Email : kyo@jetro.go.jp
Kyoto Foreign Investment Promotion Committee
( Economic Exchange Division, Kyoto Prefectural Government )
Address: Yabunouchi-cho, Shinmachi-nishiiru, Shimodachiuri-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8570, Japan
HP : https://www.kic-kyoto.jp/
TEL : 81-(0)75-414-4840 FAX : 81-(0)75-414-4870 Email : keizaikoryu@pref.kyoto.lg.jp
What Kyoto offers to international companies
Collaboration with globally valued universities and research institutions
Wide variety of talented human resources
Financial support from public and private funds
Support in marketing developments in Japan and Asia
Price-competitive commercial land
Support for business development by experienced local teams


A creative city of advanced culture leads innovations in industry of the time


Kyoto is highly attractive not only as a city of history and tourism, but also as a city of business. Enterprises in Kyoto have conserved what they could, while continuously leading innovation, encouraging sophisticated creativity, and providing products and services valued in the global market. Kyoto’s industry leadership with proprietary technology is underpinned by a philosophy focused on pioneering (producing new things ahead of others) and creativity (producing new things that nobody has yet tried).

We in Kyoto have promoted a project, “Kyoto: City of Wisdom-Based Industries”, providing support to wisdom-based businesses that create high-quality, high-value added products, services and business models, shifting away from mass production, leveraging the local characteristics of Kyoto and the strengths of individual companies. We believe that international companies will also find opportunities for creating new value by operating businesses in Kyoto, utilizing the wisdom-based infrastructure of universities and research institutions accumulated in Kyoto.

The Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented a vision for Kyoto in thirty years’ time in “Kyoto Vision 2040”, in cooperation with Kyoto Prefecture, City of Kyoto, the economic circle, universities, the media, the religious circle, and other stakeholders, and proposed “Kyoto as the worldwide capital for exchange”. In this vision, we aimed to revitalize the economy by increasing the population of exchange, and we suggested “worldwide capital for culture”, “city of universities”, and “value creation city” as the mainstays for this vision. The relocation of the Agency for Cultural Affairs to Kyoto was also proposed under this vision. To realize Kyoto as a worldwide capital for exchange, we need cooperation from international companies coming to Kyoto.

We have established a favorable environment for international companies, with support systems and office facilities. We welcome international companies coming to Kyoto, and hope that collaboration and fusion of wisdom with overseas organizations will further revitalize the entire industry in Kyoto.

I also serve as HONORARY DIRECTOR-GENERAL of JETRO Kyoto. JETRO has proactively supported penetration by international companies into Japan. If you are planning business in Kyoto, contact us at JETRO for reliable and effective support.

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