Kyoto Smart City Expo 2018 Pre-Registration has started.

What’s the Kyoto Smart City Expo 2018?

Creating a “meta-comfort” smart society.

To contribute to realization of a sustainable society by generating and disseminating smart cities from Keihanna, Kyoto, through the worldwide interregional interaction and business and technology network formed in collaboration with the Smart City Expo World Congress of Barcelona, Spain.





HVC KYOTO 2018 will be held on July 3rd 2018!

HVC KYOTO (Healthcare Venture Conference KYOTO) is the only Healthcre Innovation Pitch & Partnering Platform in Japan to be provided in English. We are inviting Presenters & Partners from Pharmacetical, Biotech, Medical Device and Funds to join our challenge to create the Healthcare Ecosysytem in Japan!

For more information & updates, please check the HVC KYOTO website ( https://www.krp.co.jp/hvckyoto/ )